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We are Braintree Aiki Budo Kai, an Aikido Club set in the heart of rural Essex. We are a friendly and committed club dedicated to the teaching of the martial art of Aikido. We have a purpose built air conditioned dojo that is open all year.

Training with us.

To train with us you do not have to be super fit. All of our students at one time may have thought that Aikido looked beyond them in one way or another but our training regimen soon proved that indeed it was not.

The dojo has a comfortable mat and  you will be taught Aikido in a manner that will limit any stress to your body and after a while your fitness and flexibility will improve along with your confidence.

Nikkyo wristlock

We teach Aikido on: Sunday morning 10-12

Monday  evening 7:30-9:30
Wednesday evening 7:30-9:30
We also train in Kendo: Still closed at the moment
Ikkyo pin variation
Ukemi from Kokyu throw

We are members of The Bushido Za Zen International Martial Arts Society. An organisation founded in 1968, by Arnold Davies, who is now sadly deceased. He held a policy dedicated to promoting excellence in Japanese Martial Arts, which we all strive to continue.

All clubs affiliated to this innovative organisation are independent and have control over their own arts, such as Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Aiki Jitsu, Iaido, Kendo, Ko Budo and Karate.

Bushido clubs hold many smaller courses, competitions and seminars throughout the year but we have a large annual gathering of all arts and styles held over Easter. This is where we showcase our arts and try other arts in the spirit of Budo.

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