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Clive MacDonald with 5th Dan certificate and endorsement

Clive MacDonald on the award of his 5th Dan Aikido- Easter 2010

Clive MacDonald, 6th Dan Aikido

"I started training in Aikido in 1968 at the age of eighteen, at the Cardiff Aikikai. My Sensei was Colin Pyke. Colin was one of the first people in the country to open a permanent Aikido dojo after gaining his Dan grade. The club was under the direct instruction of Chiba Sensei, who was in this country at the time, and remained so for a few years.  The club in Braintree is run on the same understanding that I had admired in my early years of training at the Cardiff Aikikai.  

I believe in the Aikido for life principle, when we practice it should be a most exhilarating experience.  Practice as if you were learning an art that begs to be understood and, hopefully, by practising regularly you will arrive at that understanding.  Like most instructors in this beautiful art of ours we all have our pet attitudes, mine is to concentrate on the fellowship of practice, and foster a spirit of excellence without ego, this is achieved by following as closely as possible the founders principles, both on and off the mat.

Finally above all, Aikido is a method of self defence, and that must not be forgotten in the scramble to analyse the teachings of Morihei Ueshiba, as so often happens.  Although good naturedly Aikido offers answers to questions, for some spiritually, and offers teachings to others physically, so the mind and the body are well satisfied through its practice."

Clive MacDonald 6th Dan. Senior Instructor(Ret'd)

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