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A short explanation of the meaning behind our badge: by Owen Bolton- badge designer

Ueshiba said "we are the universe". I think he meant that when we practice we are the centre of the universe, we must be, for everything revolves around us at that instant of executing a technique, if our attention wanders then so does the technique. We are also composed of those fundamental building blocks that make the universe, atoms, therefore everyone is at all times the centre of the universe.The centre of the badge represents both the micro scale of the atom and the macro scale of the planetary systems and ultimately the universe. One of the fundamentals of Aikido is to keep ones centre, thus I believe the symbolism of our badge represents the practice of Aikido.

The colours used are important too. Starting at the outside is red, progressing through yellow, orange, green, blue, brown spiraling toward black at the centre, symbolising the progression through Aikido grades towards ones centre. Of course it doesn't stop at black, I perceive that the progressive spiral continues into the centre as we continue to learn and develop throughout our lives.

Aikido is circular, so are all aspects of the badge and so to the final meaning- Anyone who has done any chemistry will tell you that the model of the atom symbolised in the badge is only a model and represents the probability of an electron being along a path. So again it is with Aikido, Senseis will show a technique, explaining the motion and circles but they are only probabilities. When we practice as individuals we modify circles and motion to suit our body type, size, strength etc., hence what is being shown is a probability of what is correct, there is no ultimate right and wrong.

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