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Our Kyu grade syllabus for reference together with an interpretation of what we are looking for when grading and also a terminology sheet to help you translate.


When in grading run up, download the syllabus and run through each grade up to your level as you are taught them in the dojo. Do them shadow style, imagine someone is there attacking you, visualise it. Really focus on the core principles. Familiarise yourself with the syllabus and terminology.

Principles- Centre line, hips, one point, balance taking is the mantra and don't forget to check your own posture throughout (that can wreck the rest single handedly).

Jo 31 kata and counter, again visualise it, remember what you are defending against. Bokken suburi, start slow, visualise the cut, focus on what your wrists are doing and timing of the feet.


Keep your head up - don't watch your own hands even when doing shadow work.

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