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Dojo Fees

Single consolidated fee

We are restructuring our fees. From 1st April 2024 the Club Membership Fee, Bushido Affiliation/Insurance and Training Fees will be rolled into a consolidated monthly payment. This will be a flat fee of £37.50 per month and will enable you train up to three times per week.

We are doing this to encourage members to train more by making it cheaper to come more often. £37.50 per month will equate to:

Training once per week= £9 per 2 hour session

Training twice per week= £4.50 per 2 hour session

Training three times per week = £3 per 2 hour session​

The monthly fee will be taken by direct debit.

There will still be a visitors mat fee and this will be £10 per 2 hour session

Grading Fees

Kyu Gradings £10

Dan Gradings £20

All fees paid to the club remain in the club to be used for Dojo rent, and items such as equipment, or subsidising courses and social events.


Instructors do not pay training fees but they take no payment, subsistence or stipend from the club either.

The club is also separately insured for public liability, additionally each instructor holds their own public liability insurance which is paid for by the club

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