Dojo Fees

​Club membership fee- From 1st April 2020 the pricing structure will change. The Club Membership Fee and Bushido Affiliation/Insurance will be rolled into a consolidated new member fee of £50 for adults and £35 for juniors. Then, provided you train a minimum of twice per month or 24 times per year your fees will be automatically paid for you upon renewal.

Current members who have not yet paid their membership, or whose insurance falls due before 1 April 2020 are required to pay and then move to the new structure too.

Adult £25 Junior £12.50

This fee is chargeable pro-rata depending what time of the year you join, according to the chart below




Affiliation Fee and Insurance Annual Fee

Adult £15.50 Junior £12.50

We are affiliated to Bushido Za Zen International Society and anyone practising a martial art must be insured, this is included in the single fee.

The club is also separately insured for public liability, additionally each instructor holds their own public liability insurance

Mat Fees

For each 2 hour training session: Adult £5 Junior £4

Grading Fees

Kyu Gradings £5

Dan Gradings £10

So there you have it. For a flat fee of £ 40.50 per year and a variable training cost (depending on how keen you are) you can come along, get fitter, meet new people, learn something practical and useful, and have fun. Cheaper than the gym and much more interesting.

All fees paid to the club remain in the club to be used for items such as equipment, or subsidising courses and social events. Instructors do not pay training fees but they take no payment, subsistence or stipend from the club either.